Friday, June 28, 2013

Devil's Peak climb

Today begins a short trip to the mountains. The plan is to hike in to Loch Leven Lakes and then cross-country to Fischer lake. The is a really busy part of the Sierras and a really busy time of year
We hiked to Fischer lake in a couple of hours this after noon. Like always the Loch Leven lakes were full of people with all of the sites taken. It's always amazing to me how quickly the people disappear when you head off trail. 
We have the lake to ourselves and the frogs. They are having quite a song feat other there tonight. Apparently it's more than a sing-a-long as Discovery channel's North America series revealed. It used to be that you didn't see that sort of thing on TV. We were left to our imaginations to determine we're the tadpoles came from.

I need to re-inventory my gear and make some choices on enhancements and replacements. I want to have as light a pack as possible when I hit the PCT.

Tomorrow will be a long day as we are going to attempt to summit Devils Peak. Which is only four miles from here, but there is no trail. 

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