Gear List PCT 2016

Gear list for my 2016 PCT hike

This is my gear only. Does not include food, water, or fuel.

Food weight is approximately 2 pounds per day. My plan is to carry no more than 5 days worth of food at a time. The only exception is the leg between Mojave and Kennedy Meadows where I'll start with 6 days of food. 2 X 5 = 10 lbs

Water weighs 2 lbs per liter. I estimate that I will be carrying about 6 liters per day for the first 700 miles. 2 X 6 = 12 lbs

10 + 12 + 12 = 34 lbs (+11.6 oz)

It's a good thing that I have been training with a 37 lb pack.

Stuff on my back

Base weight =
12 lbs 11.6 ounces
fleece top10.8
foldable ballcap2.0
hiking socks spare1.1
micro fiber cap0.9
short-sleeve smartwool top4.0
Zpacks Poncho5.1
Zpacks Ventum Wind Shell1.7
Suunto Clipper Compass0.2
1 L platypus0.9
3 L platypus 1.7
3 L platypus w/ drink tube3.9
4 oz capacity fuel bottle0.7
Anti-gravity gear pot cozy1.0
Aquafina 25 oz water bottle0.9
Evernew Titanium .9L pot4.7
Food bag - bear hang3.7
Jet Flame lighter1.4
Leatherman Style tool/knife0.8
Titanium spoon0.2
Trail Design Caldera Cone stove5.9
Water Purifier kit3.8
4 Spare AAA Batteries1.1
Anker 18W charger2.3
Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6000mah (black)4.8
ear buds for iPhone0.4
iPhone 64.7
Joby Mpod mini stand1.1
Space Pen0.1
SPOT 3Gen Satellite GPS Messgnr5.2
Suntactics solar charger10.4
USB cable for battery0.5
USB cable for iPhone0.3
2 sections Zrest2.1
BirdiePal Swingflex Umbrella7.8
Hexamid Solplex tent14.6
Polycro Groundsheet1.4
Short NeoAir™ XLite®8.0
Spare Guy Line1.7
Sleep socks1.8
smartwool long-johns5.4
smartwool top6.0
Zpacks 20° Sleeping Bag18.0
Big dig trowel0.6
Cascade Designs M PackTowl1.5
Dental Hygiene2.6
First Aid2.8
Personal Hygiene2.8
Trekking poles13.7
Zpacks Arc Blast 52L18.7
Petzl Zipka Plus 2 headlamp2.3
Photon Feedom Micro LED0.4
Reading glasses in case1.2
Sunglasses Hardcase2.4
Grand Total203.6

Stuff I am wearing:

Base weight =3 lbs 11.4 ounces
Clothes - worn
Brooks Cascadias w/ superfeet insoles25.6
Dirty Girl Gaiters1.0
hiking socks1.1
REI Sahara long sleeve shirt8.6
REI Sahara zip-off leg pants12.3
REI Sahara zip-off pant legs3.9
shade hat3.5
Grand Total59.4

Stuff I am shipping to Kennedy Meadows:

For hiking the High Sierra
I won't need to be carrying as much water so the additional weight will be offset by a reduction in water weight.

Base weight =3 lbs 12.2 ounces
Ghost Whisperer down jacket7
Bear Canister39.8
Grand Total60.2

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