Saturday, July 20, 2013

The joy of nature

We hiked for most of the evening. The time was most pleasant in that we were not hurrying and slowly moseying through the forest. Most than once the phrase rang out, "life is about the journey not the destination."

 The weather was warmer than I expected. Thus the mosquitoes such as they were, were eager to partake of our donations of rich warm blood from the valley,

We had an interesting conversation about how much it means to be able to get away and have some green time. It is so much a part of our lives to live within four perpendicular walls and matching ceiling that it is almost taken for granted that life is normal within the box.
Stepping out into the woods And walking even a short time reveals a world that contrasts strikingly with the world of civilization. God's world is a world of turns and random appearing angles. The textures of the plants and rocks are as varied as the colors of the flowers and the subtle hues of blue in the sky.
For most of the day the air was unusually still. It was almost as if the world were holding its breath.
We arrived at camp with about an hour of daylight to spare. As I sit writing this by moonlight the evening breeze has cooled considerably from the heat of the day. 
Our conversations have been good-natured and light hearted. There is something about being in nature that lifts the spirits and lightens the cares that we carry with us daily. 
Thank you God for today.

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