Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Quarrelsome Ones

2 Timothy 2:14-26 Read it yourself

There are some who will want to distract others from Christ by different interpretations of the truth. They will want to align the truth with their dispositions. They think that if they can distort the truth enough they will be able to be part of the kingdom of God without any cost and under their own terms. They want others to agree with them so they will draw others who are ignorant of the truth into their circle of influence. They will also tempt others who are less ignorant into ignoring what they know is the truth and follow the “easy, more palatable” way.

Like gangrene, the only cure was to cut it off; you must cut off these types of conversations with “the quarrelsome ones” it will only spread and get worse.  There is no common ground between light and darkness; or life and death.

The truth is the truth. Those that change the meaning of words or phrases to make the Christian faith more palatable to themselves or others, lead others into more and more ungodliness and darkness.

The Lord know those who are his, the most important question you must answer for yourself is; Does the Lord know you? He knows you when you present yourself to him in honesty and truth. When you come before his presence in contriteness and humility and humbly ask him to forgive your own rebellion. It is only repentance and transparency before God that brings you into the light and clarity of his presence.

The house of God has many different dishes and containers, some are fine china for serving guests, and others are garbage cans and recycle containers. What type of container are you? Cleanse yourself from moral filth and corruption. This is not something God does for you. God gives you the strength and he gives you the desire, but it is up to you to put your will in subjection to God’s heart. From a pure heart, basking in the light of God’s truth, pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace.

When encountering the “quarrelsome ones”, which you will, it is only a matter of time; you must not allow them to draw you into a meaningless discussion over trivialities. They are not interested in the truth but will engage you in endless discussions with things that don’t matter. You must be kind to these people, speak the truth to them. Don’t think they are going to like it when you tell them the truth. They will be angry and will perpetuate evil against you, possibly great evil, but most likely pettiness and irascibility. Don’t take it personally, they are angry with God and you happen to be the clearest target they have. You will be tempted to equivocate, dissemble, or not be clear; but this is the time to be very clear. Endure the evil patiently, gently but firmly hold on tenaciously to the truth.

There are no shortcuts to this process and it is not under your control. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth. They have none of these things right now. Nothing you say on your own is going to give them repentance, knowledge, or truth. Only the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, can convict hearts. He only deals in truth, so it is very, very important that your words are truthful, fully and to the best of your ability. It is only an act of God that can save them from the snare of the devil and their slavish adherence to the devil’s work.

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