Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blogging while walking

Hopefully the picture comes out in the right  on the blog I don't know if it will not Let's see how hard it is to put a picture in place
This is post content that I entered this by talking to my blog. I think this might be easier than actually typing stuff in time. The tricky part will be saving it I don't know if I have to connect connection to be able to say stuff. It certainly is a lot faster than typing by hand. Apparently it likes to put the picture up at the top of the blog changes before the spot where I mention I'm going to ask you put the shrimp. Somehow I'm talking about shrimp and my blog now I don't even remember saying a word. Let's see if I can put another picture in its place.
It looks like that which is in the right spot. Yeah that which I'm talking this picture. Apparently you have to use clear and concise sentences. But it is actually a lot faster than trying to type.
So I'm actually walking and blogging at the same time. I find that I actually like saying actually more than I actually like to write it. 

If I can figure out how to do this is really a table on time today. Of course it looks like the time that I save writing I'm going to spend editing.
On a clear day like today you can see Sutter buttes. That last sentence took me six times to say it.

One of the things that I've been sort of lax on in my writing is writing about the gear that I hope to use. One of the cool things that I have set up is my Spot Gen3 satellite messenger. Someday I will write how I link to the pages in my blog. I have it attached to my pack shoulder strap

Where it is easily accessible and it has a clear view of the sky. I don't normally turn it on for these hikes on a daily basis. But if I do a day hike and certainly overnight I plan to use it.

I apologize for the disjointedness of the post. But as it is the first attempt at blogging while walking I say it came out pretty well.

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