Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 1b : Sunrise Creek

Sunday June 29, 2014
13 Miles this afternoon
25 Total Miles

It's a lot further here than I thought. I am about seven miles past the trail junction to Half Dome. Nope there is no coverage here. I was pretty wiped out for the last three miles. Running on fumes. Half Mile shows this waypoint as WACS0943K. 

There is a seasonal stream here that I was planning on using for water. It's the wrong season. There is a seasonal spring  dripping ice cold water out of a back. I did the Bear Grylls hole dig and waited for it to fill with water. I got enough for dinner then I went back and got enough for breakfast and my morning hike.

I am a little dehydrated and have a slight headache. I don't quite have my set-up-camp routine down yet and there is quite a bit of putting stuff away and then pulling it back out again. I even climbed into my tent took off my shoes, and realized that there where things I still needed to do outside. When I got back out there I found some stuff that I forgot to put in my tent. It seems like I am doing everything twice. 

The temperature here is too warm to get into my sleeping bag. I am laying almost naked atop my neo-air mattress. It has a plasticky cover and I can feel it doing the sticky on my back. I felt a cool breeze a moment ago and I am hopeful that the temperature will drop down to sleeping temps. Preferably in the low fifties or high forties.

There is currently no one else camping here. I past a number of hiking parties in the last few miles but I'm guessing they are camping down below. Yuck, hotter and no water.

I ate as much dinner as I could but am so full I don't have any room for trail brownies. The good news is that all of my remaining food now fits in my bear canister. 

I stopped for a bit and sat by the water. I didn't get in because it was too cold but I did get cleaned up a bit... Right before I took off hiking again. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures this afternoon. After all the incredible scenery this morning nothing grabbed my attention except for a few signs and flowers. Oh that and a waterfall.

The flowers are for Eric, he can look them up in his book. I didn't bring mine because I didn't want to carry it on my back.

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