Thursday, July 31, 2014

Getting into the groove

I've been 'back to normal' now for about three weeks. My John Muir Trail hike is part of my past. I am back into the routine of my life with a huge difference - I haven't spent any time training, exercising or working out. For three weeks I've basically been a coach potato. I have successfully regained the weight I lost on my trip. I have found it hard to be motivated to get any exercise, especially since its been about a million degrees outside around here. The air temperature is just an excuse, part of my own rationalization and justification of my poor behavior.

I want to get my stuff organized and sorted out. I need to spend some time throwing away stuff that I don't need that has accumulated and is taking up space. There are things that need to be done to keep the various aspects of my life in balance. Some of these things I have put off doing and chaos and entropy have immediately begun having their effects. This is part of the same lack I mentioned above, it's not physical, it's a mental thing.

There are things in life that are best handled by routine. When I get into the routine of getting them done there is more time left over for the things that are really important, the things I enjoy. When I procrastinate, put them off, and lose the routine, I find myself stuck-in-the-weeds so to speak. Perseverance is a good word to apply here. Another one is steadfastness. When you lack perseverance or steadfastness you are living in a fool's paradise. To live life to the full takes effort, diligence, and focus, it doesn't just happen by sitting around waiting for it to happen.

As I read some of the blogs of PCT thru-hikers I notice that the same temptation to distraction that I am currently experiencing happens on the trail too. That isn't surprising as it is part and parcel of our being human. My hike wasn't long enough to experience experience this. With only two weeks of vacation, it was like, well, a vacation. When your human you often neglect the important and dwell on the insignificant. It's time to wake-up and smell the coffee, to get off your butt and get back into the groove. Life is too short to dilly-dally it away in the cauldron of procrastination. I found this scripture encouraging this morning: James 1:2-18Read it yourself

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