Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 4 : Rodriguez Spur fire tank

Monday April 27, 2015
26 Miles Today
68 Total Miles

After twenty six grueling miles the desert has arrived. Just in time for some hot weather. I spent the morning traversing across the ridge from Mt Laguna north. After what seemed to be about twenty miles the trail turns east and begins to head down, down, down. While on the ridge the temperature hovered around sixty five with a stiff cool breeze. That changed dramatically as the descent continued. It wasn't long until the temperature was close to Lincoln summertime temperatures. I pulled out my umbrella and attached it as I had practiced and whamo! The temperature dropped about ten degrees. What an aweome invention. 

I am camped here with at least fifty people. Spread out in the bushes in all directions. It's difficult to find a place to use for the bathroom because as soon as you think you've found a spot someone pops out of the bushes and says 'hi'. 

The water coming from the tank here is cool and clear but still needs to be treated. I started the day with six and one half liters. I arrived with one and a half left. So it took five liters for twenty six miles. Tomorrow promises to be hotter so I expect that I'll use more water. My goal is twenty five miles so I am going to load on two more liters. I am planning on dry camping tomorrow night and then I'll have nine miles to go to the next water at Barrel Spring. I am planning on leaving as early as I can in the morning. Preferably before it gets light. People are talking and talking around me. I might need to take another Advil PM so I can sleep.

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