Friday, July 10, 2015

Peace like a river

The threatening clouds were bluffing. From the moment we start hiking the clouds pretend to be harbingers for coming storms. That doesn't  happen. We hike a couple of miles in to the bridge at Fordyce Creek before we stop to set up our camp. Camp is a quite simple affair, two tents, and... that's about it. Setting up camp takes about a minute, could have been less but I need a rock to hold one stake in this thin rocky soil.

The temperature is roughly identical to Washington state in the summer. Low sixties and cloudy. We pass through the forest with the wholesome and natural scents of the mountains filling the air around us with truth and love. The previous rain has cleaned the air of the dust and the forest smells that wonderful way it does on the best days. Moist soil, wet rocks, cedar and pine. This is the penultimate moment of the day. Early evening, the trees stand silently as we pass. The sound of the road diminishes and finally becomes so faint our ears only hear our hearts beating and our slightly elevated breathing. The trail is silent, a carpet though and around puddles from the stormy weather of the morning. 

As we approach the creek the roar of cascading water gradually increases until we crest the hill above its serpentine path through the boulders. The laughing water cheers our arrival. The first leg is complete. A perfect camp just across the bridge right by the moving water. Wow! This is what I dream about. A smattering of drops from the sky encourage us to set the tents. The drips stop before the final stake is in the ground. This is too easy. If backpacking were always like this everyone would love it.

A campfire ban is in force so we sit around the vacant stone ring and prepare dinner. My turkey chili and trail brownies are quite the meal for such a simple and short hike. I am building calories for tomorrow's climb up to Beyers lakes and beyond. I am the camp cook as I am the keeper of our only stove. My specialty is boiling water. I boil it as well as a chef at a three star restaurant; flawlessly and without burning any of it. 

After dinner I complete my chores and climb into my tent. My companion has headed off to fish the creek, I don't fish so my time is better spent reflecting on the moment. Living in the here and now in God's wonderful creation. The darkness slowly descends and the air cools to a pleasant sleeping temperature in the low fifties. Everything I need for the next few days is arranged around me as I lay in my warm comfortable sleeping bag and drift off to sleep listening to the comforting sound of the creek churn in its bed. Sleep... comes... and... peace... iLife a river fills my soul.

Thank you God for these awesome moments with you.

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  1. Great description of your physical surroundings. I do not think I can boil water as well as you can LOL!