Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Closing in on the one hundred day count-down

In a little over one hundred days I will begin my attempt to hike a continuous footpath from Mexico to Canada following the Pacific Crest Trail as much as possible.

Click Shelly's PCT to join us!
I am really excited to partner with Shelly Hoover to increase awareness and raise money to find treatments for ALS. Shelly is a friend of mine and was diagnosed with ALS in 2013. That's the same year that I was inspired to hike the PCT and begin writing this blog.
In some ways our journeys have paralleled, hers in the valley, mine in the mountains. We share a kinship and connection that is hard to explain except to say God has brought us both to a deeper understanding of him and the life he invites us to live. You can learn more about our partnership and ways that you can join us by clicking Shelly's PCT under Pages on the right.

Things are hectic in my life right now. The anticipation of leaving for the PCT at the end of April is coupled with the selling of our home. We have lived here since two thousand nine. We have thoroughly enjoyed living here. The reality though is that as great as this place is, it is in the way of things that my wife and I really want. So the house is going. We also are making other lifestyle adjustments as we arrive at that stage in life called 'empty-nesters' with our youngest now twenty-one and making his own choices and beginning his own adventure.

PCT related things to do:

  1. Get PCT permit
  2. Get Campfire permit
  3. Get Entry to Canada Visa 
  4. Signup for ADZPCTKO
  5. Buy food and supplies for first third of the trip
  6. Package food
  7. Sort gear and make final decision on what I'm starting with
  8. Label the gear I am leaving behind so Kelli can ship it if needed.
  9. Continue / expand physical training
  10. Contact trail angel in San Diego for assistance getting to trail-head
There's probably more but they slipped my mind. More to come...

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