Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 23 : Zero with Grandkids (last day)

0 miles today
2321 miles to go

Will I be able to hike as well as before? I have spent the last four days eating.

I eat, I eat, I eat some more. I lay around and play with a two year old and a seven month old. Someday these two will be able to read about the time I hiked to their house. Then when I left, I hiked to Canada. Right now though it's all about eating.

The trail beckons. It's amazing how quickly I was able to transition back into civilized life. I shower everyday. Eat normal food. Sleep inside. I wonder if the lazy lethargic layabout I have become in the last four days will be able to transition back into the lean, focused, hiking machine I was just becoming when I arrived. I also wonder about the cost. Will I have to relive the pain of hot-spots and blisters again? Will I have to go through muscle pain and aches as I get used to carrying my worldly possessions on my back? I feel a little anxious in the face of these unanswerable questions. 

I have set aside a number of things that I didn't need. I have been able to replace a few things that needed replacing. I feel better prepared gear wise and less prepared physically. I am getting a ride to the trailhead early tomorrow morning. I pack my stuff and double check that I have everything. Then I triple check. Time for sleep, tomorrow will be a long day. Tomorrow I answer some unanswerable questions.

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