Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 108 : Beautiful Oregon

26 miles today
588 miles to go

I wake early and head out just as the sun peeps over the horizon. A short climb and I am on beautiful Oregon trail. This is what I dream about when I think of Oregon. Mostly flat gentle rolling trail. No rocks to kick and trip over. Trees overhead. It's cool and comfortable. Every now and again the trees open up and I see views of lakes surrounded by trees. I pass some of them. They look like great places to camp. It's morning too early to camp. A beautiful sunny day. I realize that I haven't seen a single mosquito since before the Sisters. They seem to be gone, no need for insect repellent. There are no bugs. As I think this, I look down at my left hand. A big mosquito is quietly and discreetly sucking on my hand. I quickly swat my left hand with my right. I leave a big red splotch of blood and squashed mosquito pieces on the back of my left hand the size of a nickel. With that quick motion I killed the last remaining mosquito north of Three Sisters Wilderness. Yay for me! The trail lead me within a tenth of a mile of Ollalie Lake Resort. I take the path into the resort and see a number of Thru-hikers I know. I buy two snickers and a coffee and sit and chat with the others. What a beautiful place. A lake with a view of Mt Jefferson to the south. They have cabins, and rowboats. A quiet relaxing place for a retreat. Not for me, I pack up and move on. I walk quickly, was it the coffee? Is it the awesome trail? I don't know, but I move quickly on the trail. I trail nonstop for about four hours when I stop at a spring to get water and eat lunch, a peanut butter tortilla. Then it's more hiking. The forest changes but every change is beautiful. The temperature is perfect, not too hot or cold. The biggest hinderance to hiking is the temptation to stop and take a nap in the shade under a tree. I don't, I keep going until I reach Warm Springs River. Twenty fiveish miles. My stopping point for the day. I like the fact that I reach here on my terms and my plan. I'm early enough to be able to pick a nice spot. I get water, make dinner. I get cleaned up and then other hikers begin to arrive. The place fills up. I retreat to my tent and relax and plan for the next day. Great day, great trail. I here scads of Thru-hikers arriving, I'm glad I'm already here and in my tent instead of still hiking. I fall asleep listening to the water gently flow in the river and the breeze wafting through the firs. 

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