Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 128 : Zero With Vic and Melinda

0 miles today
188 miles to go

Zero day! Not a lot to write about except food and gear. 

We stop at Burgermaster and I order a bacon cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate shake. 

Got a ride to REI. It was busy with Labor Day shoppers. Wow, it's Labor Day already! When the shoe sales guy asked me if I needed help I said, “I’m a PCT Thru-hiker and got these shoes in Eugene a few weeks ago. They have holes in the uppers where my foot bends even though there's plenty of tread on the soles. Do you think this is a manufacturer defect?” He looked them over carefully and said, “yes, let me get you a new pair.” REI is a great store, their warranty during the first year is still the best. I buy a couple of pairs of socks. That makes seven pair of socks I have burned through on this trip. 

I sort through my resupply box and only keep enough food for four days. Vic gives me seven ounces of denatured alcohol and loans me a nifty storage bottle. That will give me enough fuel to finish the trip.

We go to Malby Cafe. The place is in a basement. It's packed. Great food, great service. They make owning and running a restaurant seem like an easy way to get rich. There's lots of people in line. The place does a thriving business.

I order a giant cinnamon roll and a California scramble. Tons of food, tons of calories. I can't eat it all, yet. I bring the rest home and eat it a few hours later

Vic out does himself making the best smoked baby back ribs ever. I eat more than my fair share.

Zero days are all about eaten big,  rest, relaxation, and sleep. I get plenty of all of them.

“Oh man, that's it?” If this is what you're thinking, lighten up. I've been busy. Don't worry. There's more. It's not a healthy attitude to be angry and frustrated with someone because they are not living up to your expectations.

Be more like the Trail Angels I have met. Incredible people of generosity and patience. The best way to get over it is to love others. Become a trail angel. Click here.

And be a trail angel to Shelly and other people living with ALS. They are on a journey way more difficult than anything you've read about in my blog. They need trail angels as much as any PCT hiker does. Do that and you'll feel a lot better and be part of something bigger than yourself. Do your part to make the world a better place than you found it. I promise, the rest of the story is coming soon.


  1. Looking forward to ..... The rest of the story

  2. We have waited a long gap for these latest blogs, but I am pacing myself, one a night, so for me you are still on the trail, though you are probably on your way home. I hope you will continue to blog after you return, so that we who are doing this hike vicariously through you will know how it will be to transition to back to "normal" life. Thank you Scott for taking us all along on your incredible journey!

  3. We have had to wait a bit for these remaining blogs, and I ration them to once a day, so while you are probably on your way home, you are still on the trail for me. I hope you will continue to blog, you do it well and for those of us that have hiked this trail vicariously through you, we will be anxious to know how it goes transitioning back to "normal" life as we know it. We appreciate being along for the journey, thanks Scott and bless your days ahead.