Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 128 : Zero With Vic and Melinda

0 miles today
188 miles to go

Zero day! Not a lot to write about except food and gear. 

We stop at Burgermaster and I order a bacon cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate shake. 

Got a ride to REI. It was busy with Labor Day shoppers. Wow, it's Labor Day already! When the shoe sales guy asked me if I needed help I said, “I’m a PCT Thru-hiker and got these shoes in Eugene a few weeks ago. They have holes in the uppers where my foot bends even though there's plenty of tread on the soles. Do you think this is a manufacturer defect?” He looked them over carefully and said, “yes, let me get you a new pair.” REI is a great store, their warranty during the first year is still the best. I buy a couple of pairs of socks. That makes seven pair of socks I have burned through on this trip. 

I sort through my resupply box and only keep enough food for four days. Vic gives me seven ounces of denatured alcohol and loans me a nifty storage bottle. That will give me enough fuel to finish the trip.

We go to Malby Cafe. The place is in a basement. It's packed. Great food, great service. They make owning and running a restaurant seem like an easy way to get rich. There's lots of people in line. The place does a thriving business.

I order a giant cinnamon roll and a California scramble. Tons of food, tons of calories. I can't eat it all, yet. I bring the rest home and eat it a few hours later

Vic out does himself making the best smoked baby back ribs ever. I eat more than my fair share.

Zero days are all about eaten big,  rest, relaxation, and sleep. I get plenty of all of them.

“Oh man, that's it?” If this is what you're thinking, lighten up. I've been busy. Don't worry. There's more. It's not a healthy attitude to be angry and frustrated with someone because they are not living up to your expectations.

Be more like the Trail Angels I have met. Incredible people of generosity and patience. The best way to get over it is to love others. Become a trail angel. Click here.

And be a trail angel to Shelly and other people living with ALS. They are on a journey way more difficult than anything you've read about in my blog. They need trail angels as much as any PCT hiker does. Do that and you'll feel a lot better and be part of something bigger than yourself. Do your part to make the world a better place than you found it. I promise, the rest of the story is coming soon.

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