Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 3 - Staging

We arrived at Vic's today at one thirty pm. The trip went fast because we were caught up in the story of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo audio book. Unfortunately for us we didn't get to the end of the story yet so we won't get to hear to the end of the story until our return trip to California. We stopped by Fred Mayer's and bought the niece and nephew some toys. I

The weather forecast for this week in a forty percent chance of rain. I am feeling a tinge of dread and am silently asking myself why am I doing this. Why did we drive all this way just to go out in the wilderness and get rained on for a few days. We are entering the same trailhead that we exited a few years back when the last half of our nine day trip was five straight days of rain.

I am mentally going through my checklist of gear and equipment and wondering if I am forgetting any thing. How will Jack do in the rain? Do we have enough rain gear? How bad will the bugs be?  We decided to forego the bear canisters and hang our food on the second night. The other nights we will be staying in established camps with bear boxes. 

Vic produced a heavy USB battery pack that I am going to bring as a supplementary battery source for my iPhone. I will be carrying that so the reduction in weight from removing the bear canister is partially gained back be carrying this battery. Well it's only a few days and it iis a learning experience about what works and what doesn't.

It was fun seeing the niece and nephew and spending time with them. The house is noisy here like ours once was when our children were this age. I enjoy conversing with them and learning was is important to them. We bought them both little air pump powered rockets that they promptly figured out were ideal for shooting at adults. What is it that causes them to want to shoot at you? Is it the enjoyment of being able to get you to react to them? Is it the feeling of control? Shooting them against the wall or wooden bricks just wasn't as entertaining for them as aiming for your face is seeing you bob and weave.

Tomorrow is the big day. Now is time for sleep.

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