Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 2 - Oregon Coast

We drove from Redding to Tillamook today. I feel tired and goofy after our long drive today. I have been humming the bars from the Favorites Things tune from The Sound of Music for the last few hours. 'Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, da da da dada da warm woolen mittens, brown shiny packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things.' I don't really remember the words all that well, and none of those things are my favorite things, but I do like the tune, and how the music swells in the soundtrack of the movie.

We intended to take advantage of the free breakfast at La Quinta this morning. However when we arrived at the breakfast room this morning at six am we were already too late. The Waffle Pirate had already taken control of the waffle irons. He was the OCD coach of a cheer leading squad  who felt it was his duty to make fourteen waffles before anyone else was going to be allowed to use the irons. He informed all those around him that he had been making waffles for over thirty years and had made thousands of waffles in his lifetime. I opted for two hard boiled eggs and a half of banana. What does it mean when about an hour later you start burping up the taste of a hard-boiled egg? 
We stopped at the Rogue River rest area on I5 just about the same time as a couple of motorcycle gangs. I remember these from the seventies. They were a lot scarier then. Their bikes are a lot cooler looking now.
Jack was having a good time taking all kinds of cool pictures with special effects. Pictures that were a lot more interesting and took a lot more creativity than I had. We had lunch in Florence, Oregon at Mo's, right on the water. 

I don't think this was the same Moe from the Three Stooges because he was a her, and she didn't have an 'e' at the end of her name. 
Mo had her own Wall of Fame. In spite of her preoccupation with here own fame, Mo delivers an awesome seafood lunch. While we where waiting food the food to arrive Jack took pictures of the crab fishermen and the seals.

Kelli's favorite food is seafood, especially when she is eating it in a restaurant on the water's edge. The food was excellent so the drive after lunch was difficult as I was ready to take a nap. We have been listening to The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo book on tape, that made it possible for me to keep me from falling asleep. That and a double chocolate iced blended mocha from Dutch Bros

This is the first time I have been to Oregon coast. I was surprised how little I saw the ocean. Much of the highway is away from the coast and in the trees while that part that is on the coast was foggy. There were a few places where we saw the water.
Just prior to the town of Tillamook we drove by a huge hanger. I am guessing that at one time they stored a blimp in it. It appears that some creative souls have converted into an Air Museum. Jack insisted we stop and take a picture. I took a picture of Jack taking a picture.

We finally made it to the world famous Tillamook Cheese factory.
We took the self-guided tour through the touristy part of the factory and enjoyed the free samples at the end of the tour, I took the time to go through the line a second time so that I could really savor the flavor. 
We finished our day with a tour of the local Goodwill. Kelli was hoping to find a blanket.

 We searched for gifts for our friends and families, but found ourselves perusing the women's shoes.

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