Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Light of Life

John 8:12-13 Read it yourself

Jesus said he was the light of the world.

Whoever follows Jesus will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life. 

Light means clarity, light gives you discernment, the ability to distinguish nuances and differences that you cannot see while walking in the dark. Light gives you the ability to stay on the path because you can see the path. 
When you walk in the dark it is easy to stray from the path. you try to stay on the path using other senses and/or rules. When hiking in the dark you might try to say the path is always bare and smooth and if you are off the path you'll know it because you'll be walking in deep grass, or on rocks. Or you might follow the rule that the path is always on the left bank of the stream. When the path changes from clear forest floor to a traverse across a rock slide, or the path crosses the stream it would appear that the path has disappeared. If you can't see and are trying to feel your way you are at a complete loss as to where the path went. With sight, it is easy to follow the path, no matter where it leads.

The Pharisees doubted Jesus' testimony because they were not followers. Without following they remain in the dark and can't see. Following Jesus makes the path self-evident. The Father reveals the path, Jesus confirms that it is the path. Those in the dark can't see the path. When Jesus says, "I am on the right path." they find it easy to discount because they don't even see the path.

Lord help me follow you and give me light to see the path. Give me the courage to say what it is that you have given me clarity about without fearing the ridicule of religious people.

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