Friday, August 15, 2014

BAS Trip - Day 1

We started hiking at the Bayview trailhead, Susan and I. The day was late when we started. 3:30 pm in August. The trail starts uphill and only gets steeper. It's not on the magnitude of the JMT. In fact you can see the light through the trees near the top. The views of Lake Tahoe get pretty spectacular as you climb making the climb a pleasant experience.

The words bouncing through my head to describe the day were 'the halcyon days of August' I don't remember what halcyon means but I think it some how applies. The temperature of the air was warm but not too warm and the breeze near the top was cool but not too cool. An absolutely wonderful say for hiking. 

It wasn't long before I was hiking by myself as my pace and Susan's pace are different. I strolled comfortably and enjoyably down the trail. Oh God, I love hiking, and today was a poster day for all of the reasons why.
Bush Chinquapin (smells like Mt Hermon)

I arrived at Dick's lake and looked around for Helen's and John's camp site. It was 6:00 pm. Dinner time. Carrying as much good as I am means that dinner was going to be an extravagant affair. I started with buttery golden select mashed potatoes and a cup of Cytomax to balance my electrolytes. Followed by chicken fajitas supplemented with bacon, Colby Jack cheese and Fritos. For dessert I had a few Oreo cookies, the cool mint kind. 

We spent the evening in enjoyable conversation and camp chores. I was able to assist Helen in bear bagging her food using the PCT method. Everyone was eager to see my lightweight gear so I went through some of the cooler things like my cuben fiber tent and my neoair xlite sleeping pad. When I pulled my pad out of it's stuff sack it was still covered with the grit for the windy night on Mt Whitney.  I spent a few minutes wiping it down with my damp pack towel. 

The nigh is relatively warm and as I sit out on this rock the stars are slowly winking into view as the darkness descends and the twilight transitions to night. The brightest thing in view in the screen of my iPhone. I listen to the wind caressing the trees and in the distance way up high an airplane flies, proving that I am still in the twenty first century. As the sound of the plane fades away all vestiges on modern life disappear... Except for the bright screen that casts it's eerie glow across my face illuminating it in an unnatural way for all of the creatures of the night. The sky is a velvet curtain with pinpricks in it. Bright points providing little illumination to the earth below but providing as easy and excellent means for keeping oneself oriented.

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