Saturday, August 16, 2014

BAS Trip - Day 2

Basking in the serene silence of the Sierra summer I awoke. The coolness of the morning air kept at bay by the light and supremely comfortable down sleeping bag in which I  encased. There is no sound except when one of the others rearranges their self into a more comfortable position in their tent. Every now and again I do the same bringing an explosion of sound. The rustling of nylon against the non-slip textured surface of my sleeping pad. To do so brings immediate sensations of relaxation and well being. So this is sleeping in.

We hiked up to Dick's pass and Down to Gilmore Lake. An easy couple of miles. I chose a campsite since I arrived first but I didn't choose as well as I'd hoped. I suppose my criteria for choosing a site is different than others. Ah well, my tent is small and easy to move. Perhaps I won't even set it up tonight. Climbing Mt Tallac is the afternoon activity. I am bringing my pack. This will be my first time climbing it.  I've been told that the views from the top are pretty amazing.

The others are setting up their tents and plan on only bringing a day pack to the top of Tallac. Since I don't have a day pack, I'd just as soon carry my entire pack to the top. At least that is what I am thinking now.

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