Sunday, August 17, 2014

BAS Trip - Day 3

Another quiet morning. It's surprising how quiet given the number of people camping here at Gilmore lake. Sleep came easy last night and stayed with me through the hours of darkness. I had intended to write but my mind had stopped being able to form sentences or to imagine what to form sentences about.
It's been light for a long time but the sun has not yet peaked over the horizon. I think about the difference between solo hiking and hiking in a group. This is it, the biggest difference is being stuck in a spot when your tendency would be to move. If by myself I would have been hiking by now. Our mileage is so low that it really isn't necessary to get up yet. So laziness is the order of the morning. It is so different from the normal order of things in my life.

Almost to the trail-head:
On his back he has a fancy case for a fly rod. She's telling him, "We need to go back." "No, we are not going back!" he says adamantly. "But this one doesn't take good pictures," she said. "No," he said as he turned to me and smiled weakly. Two hundred feet later I reach the trailhead. Imagining the joyous time in store for that couple for the rest of the day. He really hasn't learned yet to choose his battles. As if the fish are going to disappear if they are ten minutes later. Her lack of understanding of his passion, slowing him down and making him feel anxious on the one day of his week that he has to get out and do something he really loves. 

Overheard at the trail-head.
"Mom, you and dad should go out to a romantic dinner and come back and pick us up," says the teenaged son. "I prefer your company," responds the tired and jaded mom.

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