Friday, April 29, 2016

Day -1 : The End of the Beginning

So, it's really happening. It feels surreal, after anticipating this trip for as long as I have it seems weird to transition from anticipation to reality. That all begins tomorrow. Today is the day for last minute things. Not that there are that many. 

I make a video of the stuff in my pack. I thought it might be interesting to people but as I drone on and on it becomes obvious that this is really boring. I speed it up and find it somewhat humorous, at least it mercifully ends sooner than it would have.

The local paper publishes a story about me and my trip. They interviewed me a while back and I was beginning to think that it wasn't news worthy. Instead there is a ginormous picture of me above the fold. Ok so it's on page 28, but still. I thinks it's cool that we are making people aware of Shelly's story and providing an opportunity for others to contribute to the funding for research to find treatments and a cure for A.L.S. Shelly was the principal of our local middle school here in our town. It's great that the community can support her as she gave so much and invested a lot into our kids.
I complete my last training hike. Again in the sunshine. As I hike I am passed by a police officer in his cruiser and he smiles and waves. I guess I don't look as dangerous and suspicious during the day. I'm glad, I smile and wave back. We have a great community here and our police do great work. Alas, this is the last hike for my shoes. I have walked just about every day for the last nine months, They are worn out. The uppers look fine, the soles are shot. I will be transitioning to my trail runners tomorrow. I figure they will last me for the first three hundred miles or so. I'll be buying a new pair somewhere around then. 
Ok, this nap thing? I think it's becoming a habit. I wonder if I'll keep it up during my trip. Hike for a few hours, take a break, maybe eat something, then lay down in the dirt and stickers and let bugs crawl on me. I'm not sure I'm up for that. Perhaps after a few weeks and I have acclimated to the new normal. After being dirty, sweaty and smelly for a couple of weeks, perhaps laying in the dirt really won't matter that much, maybe. It still makes my skin crawl thinking about it right now.

Last meal at home tonight. Last night sleeping in a real bed with my wife for a while. Last day for lots of things that have become the everyday events of my suburban life. I am going to miss most of it. I like my comfortable life. It's not like I am trying to escape it or run from something. It's different than that. This is a stepping into something or maybe a better way to say it is stepping out of something. I want to do something that inspires and uplifts me. I want to write about for my grandkids. I want to help my friend Shelly and in the process invite others along for the journey. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! We'll be there every step of the way with you..... In spirit, and through your blog and photos. Best of luck to you and we will keep you in our prayers.