Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day -4 : The Calm Before the Storm

Huh, no work today. Feels strange, like I climbed off the treadmill and am somewhat at a loss as to what to do next. I make breakfast for Kelli. One of her favorites, a Croissant with a fried egg and a slice of cheddar cheese. What fun! I savor the opportunity to not have to run off and produce an income. I make myself an egg-in-the-hole and a mocha. Uh oh, I'm out of espresso beans, I'll get more. I spend some quiet time reading and reflecting. This is what I need more of. Time to think and reflect. Cool thoughts, all is right, at least in my immediate world. I think about hiking and gear and realize that without my wall charger I will not be able to charge my phone in town. I get my charger and cables and pack it into my pack. Time moves slow.

Up and out I jog to the gym and work out. My second to the last time before I begin my hike. I run in the sunshine for the first time in over eight months. I have time during daylight, wow, this is cool. I enjoy the sun, I take the alternate path through the greenbelt on the way home, running on a real trail. I find myself feeling the rhythm of the path the wild grasses leaning over the path soak my shoes and feet. I feel the water squishing between my toes. I embrace the feeling of being alive and having the power to drive myself down this path. I am careful on the up slope because I have no tread left on the soles of my shoes. They are worn-out. Four more days before I toss them and head for the trail.

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The stores are empty during the day! I am in and out. Espresso beans and the last few things needed for my resupply box for Idyllwild. I head over to my daughter's house and ask my granddaughter Vivian to help me finish my resupply box. She helps me by adding stickers, making it easier to locate when I pick it up. We finish up and I bring the box to the post office and drop it off.

Home in time for some more reading and a nap. I schedule lunch tomorrow with a few of my close friends using text messaging. It's a nice break and transition from the treadmill work-a-day world. A few more days and this easy life will be just a memory. The life of struggle, sweat, blisters, dust and dirt will be my lot. I find it so strange that even when I phrase my hike in those terms I still find myself eager to begin.

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